A large portion of the world’s economy is made up by small businesses. Symantec and National Cyber Security Alliance conducted a survey of small American businesses. It found that sixty seven percent (67%) were more dependent on Internet services last year than they were in 2011. Sixty-six (66%) are also dependent on Internet for their day to day operations. Read more now on usergorilla.

The Internet provides businesses with a huge gateway and great potential. Small businesses are using the Internet and networks to help them find new customers and provide better service to existing customers.

Strategic Research Corporation stated that 73% (70%) of small businesses that had suffered a major loss of data within a year went out business. Insight UK conducted a similar survey. It found that 37.7% (37%) of the respondents admitted to only backing up their files one month per month. Some don’t back up at any level, unbelievably. Some small online businesses won’t even install antivirus software or antispyware.

Internet security threats could severely impact your business’s operations, which can lead to loss of profitability and poor customer service. Cybercriminals and online scams have cost many businesses huge amounts of money. Not only are customers’ safety and business at risk but so is the business. Many people have fallen prey to identity theft and other Internet crimes. Internet security is a serious problem because there is always danger online. Anyone can become a victim.

Cybercriminals, their attack tools, and methods, have advanced and cybercriminals are continually coming up with new attacks on businesses. They use sophisticated and dynamic methods for stealing information. “High-tech criminals steal highly secure information. But even more novice users can make an attack because of the tools they have. These criminals are not concerned with the size or value of your business. They care more about how easy it is for them to penetrate your defenses and steal your information.

Cyber criminals love

Cybercriminals control over 100 million computers in the world, and they have now turned their attention towards small businesses and individuals. Large firms are perfect targets due to their vast assets, but small businesses are more at risk. Although large corporations have put in security and contingency procedures, small businesses are vulnerable because cyber criminals know they are not the best protected.

It is evident that many small businesses lack adequate protection against cyber criminals, sufficient training and policies, and inadequate cyber security. Many small businesses lack the financial resources to pay for security software or hire experts in internet security. These people rely on the freeware and cheap Internet security software. They are easy targets. This creates a relatively low level of criminal risk.

A firewall, anti-virus software, and spyware alone are not enough protection against modern web threats and email threats. Others, such as data theft due to hardware failures and the need for disaster recovery procedures and backup procedures, are often overlooked.

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